Everything I need to be informed right in my hand!
I had a Galaxy 7 and I have been debating whether or not to spend the money and be on a payment plan again but I made the leap and bought a new phone. So glad I did. It has everything I need in terms of access!
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way to go

I feel the Samsung galaxy S10 has surpassed all of my needs and wants in a cell phone

Samsung keeps the quality

This product is fantastic and surpasses Samsung's mistake they made with the S9. This phone is actually unique with tons of amazing features. If you only download 5-10 apps, you're looking at a 2 day battery life. It comes with 128GB storage and up to 256GB expansion.

Awesome device, indeed!!

The biggest issue I've had with this thing is most likely a carrier related issue, as data speeds are a complete JOKE. (Pic: a download that should've taken seconds or minutes ultimately took HOURS!!) Otherwise, this is an incredibly epic device!! Just know the data speeds.