Minus the Bixby button, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is reliable
Image Courtesy: @pchujoy
Minus the annoying Bixby button, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 proves to be a reliable phone. The battery doesn’t give out when I watch movies on its fantastic display. Even the S Pen looks unique and far better than its predecessor. In a nutshell, it’s a great smartphone.
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Absolutely love it

I got the Note 9 during a buy 1 get 1 free promo at AT&T before they hit the stores. My now ex-husband wanted one and when he saw the sale he insisted I get one. I'm in love with it. It holds way more apps then my phone before it and the OS is amazing. Would definitely recommend.

Best phone I've ever owned!!!! ?

I'm a huge Samsung fan & I love a phone with a nice decent size screen so the notes are perfect. Not only is the screen big but battery life is amazing!!! The camera takes crystal clear pics & videos! The pen even takes pics. I love this phone!!!!

It's a very great phone price worthbit

I have had every galaxy phone since the s3 and they just keep getting better only draw back is the all glass easy to crack other than that I love u. I'll be trading mine in on the s10e today